Birding at Presidente Figueiredo, Amazonas, Brazil (3 Days/2 Nights)


Birding at Presidente Figueiredo at Amazonas, Brazil. We are offering a fantastic and unique experience in Birdwatching trip. The city is situated 107 km from the Amazon capital, Manaus (Amazonas, Brazil), on the edge of Highway BR-174, which integrates the Amazon to the Caribbean and North America, with more than 300 species of wild birds catalogued. We will depart from Manaus at 4:30 am in the morning driving by BR-174 Highway, driving by paved to the town of Presidente Figueiredo. This itinerary offer a fascinating bird trip in the Terra Firm Forest, secondary and flooded forest! Arriving at the town we go straight to the Urubuí Road, watching birds at forest edge of secondary forest. At 11:00 am, we go to Inn doing Check-In and then, we will have lunch.

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Our Itinerary Birdwatching at Presidente Figueiredo

In our Birdwatching at Presidente Figueiredo, our wake up will be at 5:00 am, breakfast will be at 7:00 am at Inn, because earling we go watching birds around of Inn. Our outputs will be at 7:30am in the morning, stopping at noon to lunch. We go back to field at 2:30 pm, stopping our birding trip at 6 pm. We will have Dinner at 7:00 pm and after, we go do checklist, always daily. See our daily itinerary following. Our Birdtrip will be made on the first day, in the morning: (1) on the Urubuí road. At afternoon, (2) we will go to Iracema Falls. On the Second day in the morning, we will go to : (1) ARIE das AVES a flooded area, a small swamp at center of the town, and (2) Orchids Park; Afternoon, we go to the (3) Mari-Mari Reserve. On Third day in the morning, again we go to: (1) ARIE das Aves and (2) Onça Privative Reserve. At afternoon of the third day will be free for us to choose one of the places visited and return to it to watch birds, until the end of the tour.

Checklist for Birding at Presidente Figueiredo Tour

Go Birding in this Amazonian city of Presidente Figueiredo, e-Bird has a full list of about 350 species of birds already registered. Thus, we are providing a complete this full Checklist from Presidente Figueiredo, for you know which the birds will be possible watching in our tour. Please click one of Checklist below.

All area at Presidente Figueiredo Checklist

Birding Presidente Figueiredo Includes also looking for rare and Specialties birds

Presidente Figueiredo is the home of the Guianan cock of the rock, one the most spectacular birds of Brazil. In one of the reserves that we go visiting at the end of the trail, there is the campina forest, where we will look for birds specialize in this environment where the soil is formed of white sand, looking for Rufous-crowned Elaenia, Thrush-like Mouner, Pale-bellied Mourner, Black Manakin, Blue-backed Tanager, Bronzy Jacamar, Northern Slaty-Antshrike. All of them are Campina’s specialists, and with luck we can see the rare Pelzeln’s Tody-Tyrant, rediscovered in 2002.

All meals will be made in restaurants. On the last day, we go doing check out at Inn at noon, put our bags on the car and we will go to lunch. At 2:30 pm we will watch birds on the roadside and forest edge. At 4 pm, we will finish our Birding trip at Presidente Figueiredo returning to Manaus with arrival planned at 6:30 pm. Do you want to go Bird watching tour at Presidente Figueiredo? Comes with us to live this fascinating bird trip in the biggest area of continuous tropical forest of the Amazon. Register yourself now and come live this wonderful experience with us. For full information, please send us e-mail.