We have a birding guide that you are needing for looking for birds at MAnaus, Amazonas

Birding Guide for  Manaus

Reynier Omena Junior is our Birding Guide for Manaus and surrounding. He is a biologist, master in management of protected areas at Amazonian and lives in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil and specializes in the study of birds. He has more than 20 years of experience in identifying Amazonian birds, and is author of the book “Birds of Amazon: a reference guide to the Birdwatching”, now, a new bilingual version (Portuguese – English) published in 2014. He is founder of www.birding.com.br, and serves as a guide and has led many bird watching tours for birdwatchers from all over the world. Reynier’s first language is Portuguese; he is not fluent in English, but he can communicate effectively, and has served as a guide for many groups of primarily English-speaking tourists.

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Reynier: Birding Guide for Manaus at Brazil

Reynier, our birding guide for Manaus, in Brazil, he uses two iPods containing songs from approximately 1,600 Amazonian birds, in conjunction with a powerfull speaker and a laser pointer to attract and point out species that are often difficult to detect in the field. He is accomplished in the field of bioacoustics, and actually generates many of the recordings himself using a directional microphone and a digital recorder. His tours can include many areas around of Manaus, as Musa Tower. In Manaus and his surrounding we have birdtrips for Manaus and surrounding, Marchantaria Island and Janauaria Lake and Presidente Figueiredo. In Manaus and the surrounding area, we have excursions to Torre Musa, Marchantaria Island and Lago Janauari, and Presidente Figueiredo. If you are interested in bird watching elsewhere, we can arrange one for you. Please, tell me about your interests.

Please, contact us to get a birding guide for Manaus

If you wish watching birds at Manaus and its surroundings, we have a Biding guide for guide you in Manaus, please, contact us informing the destination that you would like to go near Manaus, as well as to know which species may be watched there. Reynier is well acquainted with the birds of the State of Amazonas, because he has worked as an ornithologist and guide for years in the Amazon. He will help and organize your screenplay. Reynier has guided in several town such as: Presidente Figueiredo, Careiro, Itacoatiara, Silves, Iranduba, Manacapuru, Novo Airão and others. Simple, send us an email and inform us the destination that you are interested in knowing and birdwatching.

Reynier Omena Junior is our birding guide and him has worked by more than 20 years in Amazon